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October 7, 2013

In my last blog, “It’s Not Over”, I ended by saying that I would address the last three points in future blogs.  My premise is that it is not possible to experience the power of God in sterility. It will be messy, bloody, and even make many feel sick in the process. It may actually look a lot like the delivery room when a mother gives birth to her first child. Oh, did I fail to mention it might also get quite loud: screams, statements, and maybe some un-lady like comments being uttered? Amazingly, all will be cleaned up and forgotten as the focus turns from the process to the ultimate result of the miraculous birth of the child.

The danger of forgetting the process is in the danger of forgetting the price that was paid and how that process could not have been avoided. When we forget the process, we create a sterile place that resembles more a morgue than a place of life.

This is Part 1 and I will be referring to the Cross: not the pretty piece of jewelry but to the horrific place of blood, pain and screams, eerily similar to the birthing process which was required by a loving God from His Only Son. The cross was the place in which He died as we were birthed.

There is a major difference between being “Crushed” and being “Broken”.

The purpose of being crushed is to become debilitated and humiliated. There is no intent to cause redeemable qualities in the one who is crushed but rather to utterly destroy the person’s pysche to the point where he could never rise from the dust he is crushed into. Similar to Satan’s head being crushed by the heel in Genesis 3. Sadly, this is not found in many areas of life including in religious circles where the process is not natural but forced and controlled for man’s ulterior purposes, which often becomes a “Tower of Babel”.

Broken on the other hand, is one of being released as a blessing and a fulfilling of Father’s will.  A box containing expensive perfume had to be broken to release the perfume to anoint the head of Jesus (Mark 14:3). We read how Gideon with 300 men break mere jars of clay to release the fire of victory (Judges 7). Yes, we are the boxes and the jars that when broken will release the Power of God. Therefore, the Cross is the place of death, of transformation, of being totally broken (not crushed), and the place of being completely changed. The cross is God’s only designated process where one will find deliverance.

We must take all that we are to the Cross, not for justification but for the process of death to begin, because it will cause the ultimate transformation. WARNING: Many bring themselves after they have had a time of personal reflection and have determined what needs to be brought to death. This is a grievous error in that we allow ourselves to sit and judge what must be brought before the Cross to be transformed, as determined by our evil hearts (Jeremiah 17:9). This means that we would never be fully presented to the Cross and therefore could never be fully changed. And worse is that we place ourselves in the seat of the Righteous Judge. Instead, we are to bring our -”selves”; our marriages; our relationship with God, spouses, children, parents, et al. EVERYTHING that makes us an individual MUST go through the path of Death – The CROSS.

When a moth is consumed by the fire, the two do not become one but instead the moth is so overwhelmed by the fire that it becomes a part of the fire. Any other understanding would mean that the fire also has a resulting change. This is not possible when the fire is of the Holy God.

We must learn to counter intuitively run towards the pain and destructive force of the Cross and embrace it if we are to experience the Power of the All Mighty God.

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