Just Before

Just before I go into surgery, I wanted to share some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head. One prevailing thought has been around the reasons why people think that there are no lasting repercussions to their actions.  The pervasive laissez faire lifestyle that we see today is the result of a sense of no accountability for one’s deeds, words or even thoughts. This seems to run the gamut from the use of poison gas to kill one’s fellow citizens to the ridiculousness of twerking or to Pope Francis stating that man can be saved by simply following his own conscience.

This destructive “Live and Let’s Live” mentality can only exist when a person does not recognize that there is a higher authority. No. Actually, this mentality exists when a person does not recognize the highest authority that not only requires, but demands a certain criteria for wholesome living and that authority is God; more specifically the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Man’s theology of God at times can get so complicated and convoluted that it brings more light onto (useless) human wisdom than revealing the All Mighty God and His desires. In an attempt to simplify matters (oh, this is going to be dangerous) it would be good if we start by learning two points: 1. There is one God, who is a jealous God, and there are no gods before Him. 2. We are not to say or do anything (even good things in His good Name) unless He tells us or shows us what to say or do.

We often hear the refrain of “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, which to me immediately becomes “Why do good people do bad things?”.

I read how Abraham who loved God and desired to accomplish His will took a slave woman in his attempt to establish the lineage for which the Savior would enter into humanity. The result? Twelve tribes of death and destruction that continues to this day. (Genesis 16) This act also birthed a venue for spiritual slaves. Galatians 4:21-31

I read how the anointed priest Eli knew the evil his sons were doing in the Temple and yet he did nothing but talk about it. He placed his sons above God. I Samuel 3:11-14

I read of the priest Samuel that when he got old he appointed his two corrupt and evil sons as judges over Israel, which caused the people to cry out for a king instead. I Samuel 8:1-5

The list could continue but the points that I want to make is that these were good men, chosen by God, and yet they did bad things that has had negative repercussions that continue even to this day. Unfortunately, what these good men had in common, was a moment in their lives that they had forgotten that God is All Mighty, He would have none before Him, and to wait and trust to hear and see how Father wanted His desires accomplished.

It would be beneficial to all if we would submit our soul’s way of living to this All Mighty God’s ways and standards. This can be accomplished through our own personal journeys being led by the Holy Spirit with the assistance of His spiritual fathers and patriarchs on the earth today. Leaders who will lead not unto themselves, to others or even to organizations but only directly back to the Father as only a prodigal son could appreciate.


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9 Responses to “Just Before”

  1. rich Says:

    Your comments were spot on. It brought clarity to a difficult subject. Many blessings to you

  2. Dale Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am deeply encouraged by your love and concern for others even with your upcoming surgery. We are praying for you. May El Shaddai fill you with peace and mighty recovery in His power.

  3. pastor skender Says:

    My older brother has raised a voice, and yes preach it brother, I thank for sharing these thoughts. I never thought to see these man from the angle that you seen them, but yes truth is the truth, good man do bad things and bad man do good things, and conclusion is there is nobody good except God. We will pray for you brother, we love you and miss you here in Kosovo.

    • corbangroup Says:

      Once we realize that God is the standard then we can easily understand that there are no Greeks or Jews, no Serbs or Kosovars; no Westerners or Easterners. Just men that need Jesus as their Lord.

  4. apla57 Says:

    Thanks for stating the obvious. Sometimes we let the world get to us instead of us getting the Word of the ALL Mighty to others. We need leaders that are firmly planted in a relationship with Father God, so that they can be good fathers for the Ekklesia (used the Greek word to differentiate from the “church” most of us know). We serve a God that desires a relationship with His creation, not just on a particular day of the week, but always!

  5. dick scoggins Says:

    God is the God of legacy, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Jesus……
    All but Jesus flawed, with many failures and yet God’s grace persevered in allowing David, through Bathsheba to bring forth the line of messiah. God is an amazing God! Pursuing us, in spite of our spotty obedience…..Great to hear from you, brother!

  6. Joshua Says:

    I have always contended that God the father always directs his children and takes care of his own. Making myself available and being accountable to him are the keys. Thank you for clarifying further as we navigate today’s world.

  7. Nazaire A. Hounkpadode Says:

    Des pensees d’une profondeur edifiante. Oui, nous devons soumettre notre maniere de vivre selon l’áme au standard et aux manieres de notre Dieu Tout-Puissant. Merci pour ces paroles d’édification. Nazaire du Benin

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