Scratched and Dented

Recently, I have had to pause and meditate on what was happening to my physical health.  This was not only for my peace of mind but also for those that were concerned and wondering “why”.

Overall, I have considered myself to be a man in pretty good health. However, in just the past 6 months, my body has undergone 2 emergency surgeries, one being potentially life threatening. Additionally, I walked away (pretty banged up) from a serious motorcycle accident in which I could have died. During this time, my father went home to the Lord and I was not able to attend his funeral due to the injuries I suffered from the accident. And now as I sit here typing, I am reminded that I have an appointment for yet another surgery in the very near future.

As I reflect over these past months, I have come to the conclusion that none of those incidents were the result of foolishness and/or recklessness. As a matter of fact, throughout that time I had been very busy ministering to the Body of Christ and seeing much fruit as a result.  So the natural questions are why and what could have been done differently?

The first thought was whether I had inadvertently opened a spiritual door for demonic attacks. Over time, I have learned that it is much easier to determine if a demonic door has been opened when the acts are overt but much harder to self-evaluate if it was “inadvertently” opened. In this situation, it was better to discuss the situation with someone else. I truly believe that it is best to have a spiritual father who knows you and can speak with Godly authority that resonates in one’s spirit versus having a brother who can only speak with the authority of a brother. My spiritual father assured me that it was not a demonic door opened by me. So then back to the “why”.

As I pondered over these questions, I have found peace in various places in the scriptures but I will share just one.

There is a place to be displayed last; condemned to die; to be made a spectacle of; the scum of the earth; and most importantly to become a fool for Christ. This is not for one’s benefit (for what benefit can there be for me?) but for the benefit of those that are cared for with the heart of a father. (Read 1 Corinthians 4: 9-13).

Then the question is what would I have done differently? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I view my body as a car that is used to get me around. I don’t drive as if in a demolition derby but I do drive to get the most out of the car – very utilitarian. I don’t trade this car in every year so as to be able to present a nice and shiny car to my Father but rather a well used car, with dents, scratches, sputtering to its end but having accomplished His will in the process. This, I believe, not only pleases my Father, for the focus is on His will and not my “car”, but it also encourages my sons to imitate their spiritual father and get going.

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9 Responses to “Scratched and Dented”

  1. Angel Pla Says:

    I like the analogy you present here. Just like a car, even when we tune it up and change the oil, our bodies will wear in the battle. We need to remember that the battle is the Lord’s! We are his vessels and He will use us if we allow Him. Jesus said “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Mathew 11: 28) In Him we find the rest, the maintenance we need to keep on!

  2. Tom & Pauline Says:

    Your trials are heartfelt. We too have asked God the whys, but the answer has remained consistent – He is with us every step of the way. It’s only our faith & trust that occasionally waivers & causes us to draw into a closer relationship with Him. Pray u. R. Feeling better.

  3. pastor skender Says:

    Though difference between car and body is parts you don’t find them, I like in fact very much this article.

  4. Shah Says:

    Bro, I’m very sorry for all you’ve been through. I wasn’t aware you’d been in a bike accident. May the Lord grant you a quick recovery. The “whys” have been around since Job’s time, and still no answers. When I got to a certain age, I quit asking questions and like you, tried my hardest to just trust the Lord.

  5. Mel Day Says:

    The question is not why but what? This mortal body of ours is temporal as you very well know by now. What is God telling us in the spirit when things happen in the natural? God spared you from the motorcycle accident. Remember Sam’s testimony about the accident on his way to Sacramento meeting?
    Ask him what not why.

    In Christ

  6. Beth Snell Says:

    We are studying what you have instructed us to and your situation is the Baptism of Fire! Do I pass Dad? LOL!
    Love and miss you both.

  7. Martha Logue Says:

    Seeing the events for Manny unfold in time, I look from a heavenly viewpoint. There are two worlds which collided: the permitted will of God upon the person of Manny and the response by His servant on earth to these events. Although life-threatening, Manny responded as a true son…..not to the circumstances, but to the will of God with agape love.

    With all the bumps, scratches and pain that accompanies the results of these trials Manny continues God’s work. It is a powerful lesson that was played out for each of us to likewise continue on with the good work that God has started in us.

    I have heard first hand and have seen with my own eyes the outpouring of Manny’s love, and I as the Body of Christ am deeply stirred and edified.

  8. Ira E Flannery Jr Says:

    Thanks for the car illustration, which I took away to think about for myself. Lets speak again soon, please. Loving and missing you both.

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