A Beautiful Cake

At times I am amazed at the disparity between how well trained some of the brethren are and how little fruit they have to show from it. The results seem to be inverse to the amount of knowledge they possess in the Word of God.  I am referring to good men and women who become paralyzed over the thought of getting God’s will done just right. As I pondered over this observation, I realized that this may be the result of laziness, disobedience or simply the lack of understanding that God is the Alpha and the Omega. He knows the end from the beginning. The first two obviously need no explanation, only repentance, but the third, that God is the Alpha and the Omega, intrigued me.

Let me give an example that might shed some light on this matter. If I was going to bring a dessert to a special gathering, I would desire to bring a dessert that not only would satisfy the sweetest tooth in the room, but would also evoke “oohs and aahs” over its presentation. Now, I can spend countless hours laboring in the baking process, as well as, decorating the cake so much so that I would wonder if I could ever get it right, especially since I do not know my way around a kitchen. As a result, I might simply worry myself sick and never get the cake baked because I know it would never be good enough. On the other hand, I can go to the best bakery in town that has a resident executive baking chef and bring his cake that is tasty, creative and aesthetically beautiful.

I am reminded of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:

9 “Therefore, you should pray like this:

Our Father in heaven,

Your name be honored as holy.

10 Your kingdom come.

Your will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

In verse 10, comes the reassurance that we do not have to bake a cake because it has already been baked and thus it is waiting for us to simply deliver it. The Alpha and the Omega knew before time what would be needed for this hour and He has already prepared it. There is no need to become paralyzed or tie ourselves into knots trying to figure out what to do or even dwell on whether we are doing it correctly. Simply realize that it has been accomplished already in heaven and all we have to do is deliver His will, His desire, His cake, knowing that His will in heaven will be done on earth.

Listen. That sound you may hear is the sound of many sighs from brothers and sisters that have just received this revelation.



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5 Responses to “A Beautiful Cake”

  1. Lynn Says:

    You taught us well a long time ago about this revelation.

  2. Martha Logue Says:

    Exact representation leaves no room for self. You hear the Holy Spirit direct you, and you simply speak or do the task at hand.

  3. pastor skender Says:

    Theology and mind knowledge do not make us understand the will of God, will of God is on the revelation given to us from the Father above, and that revelation comes with obedience and commitment if we don’t obey and commit ourselves to the Spirit of the Lord and hear what Father wants us to do, then our knowledge and theology is just a try to work in flesh with knowledge we have. And sorry to say brothers and sister but we end up doing that many times.

  4. Angel Pla Says:

    The Christian Ecclesia has lost its power, simply because it is more concerned with “business plans” than the Alpha and Omega plan. We need to re-focus in Him who is our peace, our all, our beginning and our end. We pray and are thankful for He is still dealing with and for us. His Spirit is convicting and convincing those who want to serve the Alpha and Omega. Just not to simply understand the theology but work at presenting Him all the time. I can learn to be a surgeon, but until I practice and practice will not get good at been a surgeon. God the Father wants us to understand He is God and His Son was sent as propitiation for our sins. It is not I but Him in me.

  5. Beth Snell Says:

    As a new Christian over a decade ago I felt that way, very much concern on what I will say if someone ask me questions. I was so fearful I will embarrass myself that I don’t even let people know what I believe in. Me me me! Then I grew up…. the Lord taught me that He will let me know what to say when that time comes, that it is not “me” but Him who is in control. That I should just walk in faith because He is there with me at all times. He taught me that head knowledge is NOT His requirement but my heart.

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