A Conversation with God about Eggs

Early this morning as I was waking up it would seem I had a conversation with God in my spirit and it went something like this:

God: I want you to pray for your country with the presidential election coming so soon.

Me: I immediately started to pray for a particular candidate to win and bring us back from “the brink”.

God: I didn’t tell you to pray for a candidate but I told you to pray for your country.


I was then reminded that one candidate wants to restore our country to greatness while the other touts changes. Many believers are voicing their desire to be restored to a greatness that they perceive has been lost. While at the same time they are the loudest voices on how the nation’s morals have gone downhill; about abortions; teen pregnancies; and how crime has been continually on the rise for over a generation.

Then the other candidate seemingly wants to change everything that we know: the financial systems; government involvement; the country’s place on the world stage; and many other areas that we as a country are identified with.

It then came to my mind that eggs are a marvel of creation. I have never seen a structurally imperfect egg: always oval and always strong. Now if the objective was the egg structure then nothing other than amazement and appreciation of its structure would be necessary. But if the objective was to have a tasty omelet than that perfect structure must be broken to allow the egg yolk and white to flow to accomplish the desired result.

I wonder how it would be possible to move forward if everything we know is changed?

I am reminded that the Nation of God (God’s chosen people) were allowed by God to be held captive as slaves by the Egyptians as well as the Babylonians. Each time they were delivered they were stronger than before their captivity. There was also a period of terrible division within the Nation when the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom were at odds and warring with each other. Yes, when they were united once again they were a better and stronger nation than before.

Is this a time that our solid egg must be broken to allow God’s preferred future to come into being?

I don’t know but I do believe that every Christian, as a citizen of God’s kingdom, should vote after praying and receiveing the Mind of Christ. Christians should not get so caught up with kingdom of man that they loose sight of their heavenly citizenship but at the same time they must realize that they are the salt of the earth.

But I do know that God never tells us to pray for political parties or particular candidates as He does about the nation.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Can anyone disagree with the notion that we as a nation need forgiveness and healing from the ALL-MIGHTY God.


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10 Responses to “A Conversation with God about Eggs”

  1. Calvin Calhoun Says:

    Great Message Bro. Hernandez!!! A consistent flow from the Father and confirmation of what many within the Body of Christ are declaring in this election season. It is time to stand for Christ and put all of our eggs 🙂 in His basket because He is perfect

  2. Arlan Busse Says:

    We, of course don’t know God’s will but we pray that His will be done, where ever that takes us, so we pray for mercy, Amen

  3. Alice Says:

    I love visual references…especially when God is teaching something! This reminds me again that, when things happen, we judge them to be good or bad by how they personally affect us. God sees the whole picture, and what may seems bad to us because it’s different or initially uncomfortable, is likely groundwork for something bigger God is doing…and when we looks back, we can see how what seemed Bad was really good because it was one of the first dominoes of change to fall.

  4. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for that because I have been heavy hearted considering our choices hoping that one party could bring about a type of restoration for our country. However restoration from man is short lived and my hope should be fully in the father and his perfect plan for us whether through “unnecessary turmoil” or not. Lord I pray that you lead us in prayer and action that your kingdom would prevail on your glory revealed on the earth

  5. Mike Rivera Says:

    Thanks for sharing Manny. I’ve also been praying for revelation on voting, mainly on whether or not I should vote and for whom. But lately, in the midst of my prayer, I’ve been moved just to pray for His Will to be done–and not mine. I realize that in order for me to resist my will I must practice ‘faith and patience’ – trusting that He will reveal His Will to me when He is ready, and that sometimes in His silence He has already revealed His will for me – to be still and pray.

  6. Karen Says:

    I totally agree that we are called as Christians to humble ourselves and pray and seek God and turn from our wicked ways as 2 Chronicles 7:14 calls us to do. I think this is especially important in the next 40 days as our election approaches. If enough Christians do this, God’s Word promises us He will forgive us and heal our land. I also believe that regardless of which candidate is elected our nation is facing some very difficult times and that it is likely alot of eggs are going to be broken.

    As far as my vote, neither candidate is a perfect fit for me. However as a Christian, I believe that it is imperative that I vote according to God’s Word and values. As such I will vote to protect the sanctity of life for unborn children. I believe that God has clearly stated that marriage is between one man and one woman. I believe that God calls us to stand with Israel, that those that do will be blessed and those that do not will be cursed. Every election I determine who I will vote for based on the candidates position’s based on these issues. As such in this election I will support the Republican candidate because the Republican platform supports my beliefs on the fore mentioned issues. It is likely the next President will appoint some Supreme Court Justices. I want these appointees to align with Biblical values. They will not unless we as Christians vote for a President that aligns with Biblical values. I also think if we do this as Christians we may have the opportunity to experience one last revival. If we do not I believe we will undergo great trials without the opportunity for this revival.

    I do believe that it is critical as church leaders to educate people as to our responsibility to vote according to God’s Word and provide information showing where each candidate stands on critical Biblical values (Voters Guides developed by Family Research Council). Our comments must help to educate and encourage people to vote according to the Word and God’s perfect will. I cannot believe that God would ever call us to vote for a platform that supports the killing of the unborn, gay marriage or does not emphatically support the country of Israel. As such I believe our Presidential choice as Christians in the coming election is very clear.

  7. Justin Says:

    I know that this election year is a very tough decision for all of us, and though we are unsure on who the best candidate is for our president, we must remember that God has a perfect plan, and no one in a place of power is put there unless God allows it. Pray pray pray.
    God Bless..

  8. Karen Says:

    God allows us choice. He will not force us to choose His direction, but if we choose to act us against His Word, the consequences will be felt by us, our children and future generations. God allowed our nation to legalize abortion – but I do not ever believe that this was His desire. As Adam and Eve choose to disobey God, it was not God’s desire but He allowed them to make a choice. However Adam and Eve and all that followed will be forever impacted by the consequences and the curses that resulted from that choice. Yes God can take what the enemy meant for harm and turn it around for His good. However I believe His preference is that we follow His ways and His Word.

    I don’t believe that this election should be difficult to decide at all for us as Christians.

  9. Peggy Busse Says:

    We Christians need to be praying for forgiveness for letting this great country slid into this evil take over that is happening little by little and asking for God’s Devine Providence and Mercy to save us.

    We have stood by while the few took prayer out of the school and the Ten Commandments out of the courts, took down our crosses and left God out of our pledges,

    Is it any wonder we are starting to face a reality where God just might turn his back to us? We need to be strong and stand up for Christ, Onward Christians Soldiers.

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