A Christian View to the Muslim Unrest

Today I was shocked to see a very young boy clean and dressed well in traditional Arab garb handling a .45 caliber handgun. Of all the pictures of senseless mayhem coming out of the Arab Middle East this one I especially found to be very disturbing. Maybe it was because this very young boy did not look destitute. Maybe because this very young boy represented hopelessness between the East and the West. After a while I realized that this very young boy represented to me the challenge that has been before the Church which it has been so adroit in avoiding for its own pleasure and comfort and unfortunately to its own peril.

The West must come to the realization that the Islamic religion not only will not but also cannot accept Western society’s norms because it violates their religious worldview as well as their religious judicial system which is the Sharia. A central aspect of Islam is that the Muslim world will either convert all to Islam or they will subdue all that will not convert.This will not change even if the West was to kill a majority of the one billion plus that are adherents of this faith.

It would be good if the Christian world would not get caught up with the presentation of this conflict as a cultural war or even as a West vs East conflict. The Christian world, with all its imperfections, must go back to her roots and remember that the only answer to this non-sensical, fanatical bloody mayhem is the Gospel of Jesus which is replete with love, forgiveness and reconciliation with  THE loving Holy Father God.

How is this seemingly impossible task to be accomplished? History seems to address this very issue if only we have the courage to hear and listen.

I am reminded that 11 of the original 12 Apostles of the Christian faith, which we rightly revere, were so committed to the Gospel that they were martyred for their faith. 11 out of 12!!!

I am reminded of the Student Volunteer Movement which from 1850 to about 1950 sent nearly 10,000 missionaries to inland areas, often at great personal sacrifice. Many early Student Volunteer Movement missionaries that were sent to areas with endemic tropical diseases left with their belongings packed in a coffin, aware that 80% of them would die within two years.

Can you mothers and fathers even imagine packing your young children’s belongings in small coffins as you prepare to go and make disciples? Maybe this should be the standard to redefine what we may consider as “personal sacrifice”.

I am reminded of Eric Bonhoeffer’s quote of: “Whenever Christ calls us, his call leads us to death”. This from the man who so clearly identified that what Church called grace was really “cheap grace’.

We must train our children and grandchildren in the way of the Lord teaching them that what is said in Philippians is still true today: that there is no greater honor than to serve God even unto death. This is NOT referring necessarily to a long life of serving but rather even if their serving would cut their lives short.

Yes, those that share the Gospel in the Arab world today must be prepare to die. There is no other way to reach this “godless” society as the early Church viewed the “godless” society of Rome. The ravenous lions in the Coliseum did not change the hearts of the faithful.

We must believe and train our children that serving and dying for the Gospel is the greatest place of honor even if the world will never know their names. Unfortunately many believe today that the highest level of honor in the Church is that of becoming a pastor. Hebrews 11 simply states that the world would not be worthy of them that would be martyred for their faith. That is the giving of one’s life for their faith and not the taking of another’s life because of their faith.

The roundtables discussion of today is how one is to become a mature son of God which is fulfilled as we become Christlike in our lives. Yet I am reminded that Jesus God Himself, who we are to be imitating, left His comfortable and safe setting to inhabit His enemy’s (that would be us) land and die for them (that would be us again) so that some would come back to the Father. This very kind of transformation of our souls should be the evidence of the state of our maturity. The real Acts of Valor is not dying for a human government but of living and dying for the Kingdom of God, of which we are citizens, as we reach out with the Gospel to those that may want us dead.

The establishing vision of YWAM was that of waves of young people washing unto foreign soil with the Gospel. Maybe what we need today is the modification of that vision where we would see waves of people who do not fear the sting of death washing unto foreign cultures.

With such diversity within the Body of Christ how are we able to overcome our differences to accomplish what we as Believers have been commanded by Jesus to do do?

The Moravian Church’s motto may be of help: “In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, love”.


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6 Responses to “A Christian View to the Muslim Unrest”

  1. Calvin Calhoun Says:

    Great and timely message my beloved brother.

  2. Michael McDonald Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have often wondered what would happen if people just began to go, despite the risk of death, to preach in the dangerous places. Out current church culture honors those who go to fight and kill our enemies, we seem to have it backwards.

  3. Angel Pla Says:

    Well said! And I know that you have been in the front lines. We are encouraged with this post and pray others find encouragement and really live what Jesus said in Mark 16.14-18; Luke 24.36-49; Matthew 28.16-20 and John 20.19-23.

  4. Dale Kim Says:

    Hello brother. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that we need to be willing to endure persecution for Christ. In 2 Timothy 3:12, Paul says that all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. To be honest, I want to say that I fully embrace those words…but I know it’s only by the power of the Holy Spirit that I could actually live those out. May the Church rise up in faith. Bless you.

  5. dcpilcher Says:

    A courageous view, and one not well embraced by an American church, I fear. While the current scenarios irritate my American “rights,” I hear the spirit calling me to pray for these ones to be blessed–to bless them, intercede for the freedom of their minds. We ALL need this… to hear and think what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, that we may follow, in fullness, and obey Him. Even if it leads us to lay down our lives for another person or culture. Reminds me of Dr. Paul Hackett at LIFE Bible College teaching on the “mighty men of valor”–and provoking us to do “exploits,” …. then asking, “But, Students, can you drink the cup?” It seems few are passing the cup to find out. Thanks for passing the cup this way.

  6. Amy Your Daughter Says:

    Great post! It is a concept- a truth- that has been lost on most American believers. It’s a bit extreme, fanatical, over the top and against the culture of today that screams of one’s own comfort and selfish ambition. My 6 year old daughter and I are currently reading a book on Heroes of our faith. It includes stories of regular people who trusted God and really handed their lives over to Him to do as He wills. Most lost all their money and comforts of home but saw God do amazing things through them. It makes me cringe when I look around and see those of today who say they have given their own lives over to God fully yet live in the life of extreme wealth and comfort. My prayer is that both my daughter and myself will be encouraged and inspired to die to this life so we may truly live.

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